Alamo Rising – A Steampunk Zombie Western by Josh Rountree & Lon Prater

IF Larry McMurtry, insomniac and feverish, watched The Walking Dead all night and IF Prater and Rountree found his crumpled notes for a zombie Western, and, fortified by deep swigs of back-forty-brewed moonshine, they wrote all day and all night for a week and a year they would have come up with this wild west fantasy like you’ve never seen before, populated with lawmen in need of redemption, steam-armed British soldiers, a zombie army, a one-armed woman warrior, historical characters twisted beautifully out of true, and one little girl who might save them all.
– Samantha Henderson, Author of Dawnbringer and Heaven’s Bones 


A risen Moctezuma threatens Texas once again with a zombie army from the south. The Queen’s Finest Steam Gear is moving in from the California Colony. Shapeshifting Comanche form a war party to take back their lands. It’s all building toward an epic Second Battle of the Alamo, and this time the fate of all Texas hangs on a handful of disgraced Rangers, determined cowgirls, revolutionary veterans and the mysterious Comanche child with a world-changing secret.

Available in print and electronic editions from White Cat Publishing.

Also, be on the lookout for the exciting soundtrack to the book, a musical tour de force from celebrated Steampunk artist Escape the Clouds!


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