Alamo Rising, with Josh Rountree, White Cat Publishing, September 2013

That Time We Saved The Planet, self-published in 2012.

The Island of Jayne Grind, mashup with H.G. Wells, self-published in 2011

The American In His Season, mashup with Mark Twain, self-published in 2011

Short Fiction

“Elder Brother” in Strange Aeons #16, April 2015

“The Wellmachine Robot”, in Intergalactic Medicine Show, January 2015

“Heart of the Southern Isles” in Tales of the Black Arts, June 2014

“The Intern’s Story” in Allegories of the Tarot, October 2013

“The Hound Dogs in the Bougainvillea” in Big Pulp “APE$#!+” anthology, October 2013

“The Coldest Room In The House” Abyss & Apex, April 2013

“A Childproof War” A High Shrill Thump, September 2012
(Nominated for Pushcart Prize)

“Fresh Air” reprinted in Slices of Flesh, March 2012

“Like Baby Elephants” After Ever After, February 2012

“Head Music” reprinted in New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird, November 2011

“Last Rites in the Big Green Empty” reprinted in The Crimson Pact, vol. 2, August 2011

“This Is My Corporation, Eat” Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, June 2011

“Never the Twain” Daily Science Fiction, December 3, 2010

“All That Remains is the Middle” reprinted in Retro Spec: Tales of Fantasy & Nostalgia, September 2010

“The Way of Cold Teeth” The Midnight Diner, August 2010

“Last Rites in the Big Green Empty” Shroud Magazine #9, August 2010

“Symphony for the Aligning Stars” Theme and Variations, Opus 2, (podcast) August 2010

The Atrocities of King George” Ideomancer, June 2010

“Prelude to a Theme by Dougie Franz” Theme and Variations (podcast/reprint), October 2009

“Deadglass” reprinted in Triangulation: Dark Glass, July 2009

“Head Music” reprinted in Apex Magazine, March 2009

“A Road Like This, At Night” Talebones #37, November 2008
(Honorable Mention, Best Horror of the Year #1)

“Prelude to a Theme by Dougie Franz” Spacesuits & Sixguns, October 2008

“You Do Not Know What Slipstream Is” reprinted in Diet Soap (online feature), October 2008

“Last Word in Lonesome” nanobison, September 2008

“Starvelito” Abominations, August 2008

“Something to Hold the Door Closed” Frontier Cthulhu, November 2007
(Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror #21)
(Origins Award Finalist: Anthology)

“New Lake Formed, Film at 11” Raven Electrick, August 2007

“Free to Good Home” Horror Library 2, April 2007

“All That Remains is the Middle” Love & Sacrifice (companion volume to the film London Voodoo), February 2007

“Kids Cost More” reprinted in Spacesuits and Sixguns, January 2007

“You Do Not Know What Slipstream Is” Lone Star Stories, December 2006

“Legwork” North Florida Noir, September 2006

“Secret Agent Magda Witty” Raven Electrick, August 2006

“Blood-spattered Notes from the Reverend’s Last Sermon” Shadowed Realms #10, April 2006

“Even at the End, There Was Gridlock” Florida Horror: Dark Tales from the Sunshine State, February 2006
(Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror #20)

“A Little Homegrown Hollywood Magic” Shadow Box, November 2005

“Seeing the Illimitable” Alien Skin, October 2005

“Relics” Travel a Time Historic, September 2005

“Deadglass” Writers of the Future XXI, August 2005

“A Whiff of Guilt” reprinted in Best of SDO, May 2005

“Buttercup and Sunshine” Beyond Centauri #8, April 2005

“A Girl’s Best Friend” Chick Flicks, February 2005

“Putting the Business First” SDO Detective, January 2005

“Friday Nights” Goblin Reader, January 2005

“With Eyes of Wonder” Kenoma, December 2004

“They Came From Albaquerque” Alien Skin, December 2004

“Feeding the Hungry” Camp Horror, December 2004

“Breath of Fresh Air”  Nocturnal Ooze, November 2004

“Eight Years After” Sea Oats Review, Vol. 2, November 2004

“Another Amelia, Also Lost” EOTU Ezine, October 2004

“A Talent for Misery” Chick Flicks, October 2004

“The Problem with Having a Perfect Cast” Flashshot, July 2004

“Kids Cost More” SDO Detective, June 2004

“The Staring Machine” Alien Skin, December 2003

“Head Music” Borderlands 5, November 2003
(Stoker Award winning Anthology)
(Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror #18)

“A Whiff of Guilt” SDO Detective, June 2003

“Midnight in New Promise” chapbook from Scrybe Press, March 2003


“Desperata (Or, The Desiderata of H.P. Lovecraft)” Dark Faith (MoCon anthology), May 2010

“Banshee” ChiZine, July 2009

“Sugar and Old Spice” ChiZine, October 2008
(Honorable Mention, Best Horror of the Year #1)

“Salted Earth” Sam’s Dot Current Events, September 2008

“The Roads Both Taken” Star*Line, August 2008
(Editor’s Choice Award)

“The Three Bad Deaths of Jack Haringa” Jack Haringa Must Die!, June 2008

“The Dead Sidekick (with apologies to William Carlos Williams)” – Goblin Fruit,June 2008

“Goodwill” CHOPPER, February 2008

“Pixie Dust” SCIFAIKUEST print edition, November 2007

“A Man Fib” Haruah: Breath of Heaven, October 2007

“My Old Friend the Road” From the Asylum, September 2007

“A Romance (with switchblades)” Flashquake, September 2007

“Spliced” The Sword Review, August 2007

“Good Housekeeping” Fear and Trembling, June 2007

“Bearing His Crosses” The Sword Review, June 2007

“Never Came Back” Flashquake “Less Is More” ContestMarch 2007
(Honorable Mention)

“There Are No Foxholes on Athiest 7” On Our Way to War: Poetry from the Trenches,October 2007

“It’s True, What They Say” ChiZine, October 2007

“Things Abandoned,” Horror Carousel #4, April 2006

“November on the Gulf” Sea Oats Review, Vol. 2, October 2005

“If You Love a Virus, Set it Free” Illumen #3, October 2005

“God Explains Her Wayward Child” Ideomancer, September 2005

“Events Like This” Flashquake, September 2005

“River Trip” SCIFAIKUEST print edition, August 2005

“Hot Air and Hooks” ChiZine #25, July 2005

“Seekers in Dark Places” Dreams & Nightmares #71, May 2005

“This Is Just To Say (with apologies to William Carlos Williams)” Astropoetica,Winter 2005

“Joe’s Bar, New England, Late” SCIFAIKUEST online edition, November 2004

“The Spark” Sea Oats Review, Vol. 2, November 2004

“Absolution” Rogue Worlds #10, April 2004

“‘The Skinner’ Courts His Prey” Decompositions, February 2004


“Panned Helsing: Bad Reviews That Can Save Your Fiction” reprinted in the Horror Writers Association blog.

“Field Studies Program: Mining the Unintended Consequences” DISAM Journal, December 2008

“Vices & Verses” Introduction to Nursery Rhyme Noir by David Kopaska-Merkel, November 2008

“Get Your Music for Nothing (But the Lyrics Ain’t Free)”- The Writers’ Ezine, July 2006

“Ebenezer Scrooge on Gifts for Writers” The Writers’ Ezine, December 2005

“The Stowaway in Your Story (How to Make a Lazy Setting Earn its Keep)” The Writers’ Ezine, October 2005

“5 Most Costly Mistakes You Can Make–Before You Even Begin to Write” The Writers’ Ezine, August 2005

“Spookproofing your Query Letter” The Writers’ Ezine, July 2005

“Review of The Runes of the Earth by Stephen R. Donaldson” Associated Content, May 2005

“Miniskirts and Higher Math: Chapter Lengths Revisited” The Writers’ Ezine, April 2005

“What’s Not Good for You May be Great for Your Writing” reprinted in Absolute Write, May 2004

“Panned Helsing: Bad Reviews That Can Save Your Fiction” The Writers’ Ezine,January 2004

“What’s Not Good for You May be Great for Your Writing” Emporium Gazette, July 2003


Dissident Whispers, 2020

The Management of Security Cooperation (30th edition)2010

The Management of Security Assistance (29th edition), 2009

Neverary (#1-8), a webzine of speculative fiction and writing, 2003-2006

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